The story of plum cakes started in medieval England, where it was a popular tradition to observe a period of fasting and abstinence from any kind of feasting in the weeks leading to Christmas. As per the custom, on the eve of Christmas, a rich porridge was cooked and eaten to ‘line the stomach’ for the upcoming feast. The porridge was prepared with oats, dried fruits, spices, honey, eventually turning into a Christmas pudding. People started using the same ingredients and made fruitcakes with plums and other dried fruits on Christmas. With the passage of time, and as more ingredients made their way into the porridge, it started to resemble its current form. That’s how plum cakes are believed to have come into existence as a traditional dessert. The rich plum cake or pudding was made a few weeks before Christmas and was saved until the twelfth and final day of celebration. It was served upside down, garnished with a sprig of holly. Adopt Plants brings home made cakes to your door steps



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