About Us

We are group of enthusiast which helps you to create a green oasis in your home or office. Our Mission is to grow GREEN together & forever. Adopt Plants does not believe in only selling plants. We believe that every time you buy a plant. you take home a life and this new life needs to be raised for it to thrive. Our plants come in attractive pots and planters adding to the overall appeal of the plants and ensuring that you would love to add a piece in your decor. Be it ceramic pots, Customised & handcrafted planters or Handmade tray Gardens we bring to you something new every season. More of that we provide extensive range of Indoor / Outdoor plants, Planters, Gardening Accessories, Organic Products, Unique and Exclusive Products, Go Green Marketing ideas, Corporate gifting, Landscaping and Horticulture services. For more info visit our Service Guide link.

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